Watching Other Files With The .NET CLI


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I ran into an odd scenario recently where I was working on SQL files to generate data via a C# program I had written. The simple solution was to have the dotnet watch run command watch for changes in the SQL files. The only problem was that the file watcher doesn’t watch for SQL files by default. The first option I found was to declare each file in the project file and that was not a viable option given the number of files at hand.

I needed a solution that would pick up the SQL files by recognizing the file extension. Lucky for me, the documentation around the dotnet watch command has grown significantly since the command was first released. All that is required to customize the watcher with a wildcard is a single entry in the project file.

    <Watch Include="**\*.sql" />

Those three lines instructed the file watcher to watch the SQL files in my project, making my day exponentially easier.